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Chinchilla as a Pet


We also currently specialise in breeding and sales of chinchillas as pets. Chinchilla is easy to teach, clean and clinging. Chinchilla catches no parasites and is suitable even for people suffering from allergies.

It is recommended to purchase a young at the age of 2 – 3 months for the chinchilla to get used to its new master. Thus it can become real member of the family.

We warmly recommend keeping any of the colour mutations of chinchilla as pet. The colour options include white, beige, ebony, violet of sapphire. These mutations can become attractive and intelligent companions.

If you want to breed a pet chinchilla, you need a wide cage with a feeder, a water feeder and a bowl for sand bathing. Chinchilla is an ideal pet for dry apartments.

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Chinchilla as a Pet
Breeding of Chinchillas for Fur
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