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Breeding of Chinchillas for Fur



Chinchillas are now kept in modern stackable wire cages. One double cage for two females is 83 cm wide, 40 cm high and 50 cm deep.

One basic breeding unit consists of one male and four females. The male has no cage of its own. It freely runs about in the corridor inside the double cages, feeding, drinking and washing with the females.

Chinchillas are sexually mature at the age of 7 months and can be mated from then on. Gravidity of female chinchillas takes 111 days. In a couple of hours after delivery the female may be inseminated again. Each female delivers 1 to 4 pups 2 to 3 times a year. Thus the breeder may get 3 – 4 young/female/year.

Financial costs of breeding one animal (feed, sand and other breeding equipment) amount to about CZK 250/year.

Chinchillas are herbivores and catch no parasites. Breeders have no problem with cleanness and hygiene. The job of breeding chinchillas is easy and everybody can do it. The best way is to have each chinchilla get used to one or maximum two breeders.


Preconditions for Breeding

An adapted room with the area of minimum 20 m2 (such as ventilated garage, chamber, dry cellar, unused workshop, former stable etc.). Ideal temperature ranges between 15 and 18C. Short-term temperature fluctuations can do no harm. The room, however, must be dry (with maximum humidity of 70%) and well ventilated, but not draughty. The best way is to use a ventilator. In winter the room should be heated with a heating controlled with a thermostat. The overall atmosphere of the room should be coldish.



The price of one breeding animal (male or female) of refined breed is CZK 1.500 – 2,000. Ideal breed should consist of a group of one male and four females. The price of this basic breeding unit 1:4 (4x) with all accessories (i.e. cages, sand for bathing, shavings and fodder for minimum 3 months) is CZK 50,400.

The basic breeding unit is purchased and paid in cash after takeover by the new owner of the breed. The price also includes free exchange of the male for new breeds, piece for piece, during the cooperation to each client-composed group of females, for prevention of breed degeneration.

As animal breeding for fur is officially defined as small production, it is recommended to enrol with the relevant local authority as an independent farming business. The registration will have no effect whatsoever on your current job. It just represents the necessary precondition for later income tax returns.

As there are hundreds of chinchilla breeders across the Czech Republic, we have established a network of procurers who will help you kill and skin your animals for a charge, if you cannot manage yourselves. However, we also accept living animals of any age after weaning against cash payment. You can also use the procurers for purchases of breeding material.



The basic fodder is granulated fodder with added vitamins, fibre and all other substances supplied by our company. It is recommended to add a handful of quality hay three times a week. You may also add a dry briar or a piece of apple or dry white roll once a week.

Then you need fresh drinking water. For extensive breeds automatic drinking water supply may be installed similar to that used by rabbit breeders. The water in the feeding bottles needs to be changed every other day.

Each cage must always contain a piece of siporex or wood for the animals to sharpen their teeth with. Otherwise the teeth may overgrow.

Chinchilla should bathe three times a week in a sand bath located in the partition of the double cage. Sieve the bathing sand every other month and keep the amount at ½ l. Always add disinfectant with each new portion of sand.

Young are weaned and put into their own cage after 50 days. The season of the year does not affect quality of chinchilla skin, but there are about 2 – 3 week long periods about 4 – 5 times a year when the skin maturity is ideal. We will show you practical examples of the signs of the skin maturity periods.

Both male and female skin may be traded. However, the skin of an animal older than 3 years loses its standards. Females may be bred until they reach 6 years of age. The animals are pre-paired, kept in the required quarantine and examined by a vet.

Delivery of the breeding unit to the destination, together will complete breeding material, is included in the breed unit price.

You will receive precise instruction at the takeover of the basic breeding unit, or in the context of your visit to our farm in Zbýšov.



If you sign a contract with our farm we will supply you with all necessary material needed for the breeding, and purchase from you the furs or living fur animals. You may agree the price and details with our representatives. The basic recommendation for successful breeding is use of approved fodder and sand and handling the animals pursuant to the received instruction.

We wish you every breeding and economic success.

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Breeding of Chinchillas for Fur
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